Root Canals On Baby Teeth

When decay progresses into the pulp (the nerve) of a baby tooth, a root canal is necessary. Unlike in adults, a root canal in baby teeth aims to preserve the tooth to maintain proper spacing for the permanent teeth.

The Purpose of Root Canals in Children

What Is The Goal Of A Baby Root Canal?

The primary goal of a baby root canal is to save the baby tooth long enough to hold space for the adult teeth. Early loss of baby teeth can cause shifting and block the path for emerging adult teeth, which might necessitate a space maintainer.

Differences in Treatment Approaches

A Root Canal On A Baby Tooth Is Not The Same Thing As A Root Canal On An Adult Tooth

Baby tooth root canal treatments, often referred to as pulpotomy or pulpectomy, involve removing the affected nerve tissue under local anesthesia. The procedure concludes with a stainless-steel crown to protect the tooth, unlike the often cosmetic restorations used in adults.