Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

The most important factor in treating tooth decay in children is to prevent decay before it starts. Good home care is critical, but routine visits to Dr. Brett and Dr. Eric at Kearney Pediatric Dentistry are essential for maintaining your child’s dental health.

Comprehensive Dental Exams and Cleanings

Routine Exams, Cleaning, Fluoride, and X-Rays

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), children should have a dental exam and professional cleaning every six months. At Kearney Pediatric Dentistry, we adhere to these guidelines and include fluoride treatments and x-rays as needed to ensure comprehensive care.

The Role of X-Rays in Pediatric Dental Care

Does My Child Need X-Rays?

We understand concerns about taking x-rays on children and assure you that we only perform them when absolutely necessary. Children with more extensive cavities may require more films than those with less decay. We use the latest digital x-ray technology to minimize exposure to radiation. For more detailed information, feel free to read our article dedicated to questions about dental x-rays in children or contact us directly.

Benefits of Preventative Measures

Importance of Early Dental Interventions

Early dental care is crucial for preventing more severe dental issues down the line. By integrating preventative measures such as sealants and fluoride treatments, we can significantly reduce the risk of cavities and other dental problems, ensuring your child’s long-term oral health.