As dedicated, board-certified pediatric dentists, our comprehensive exams are very thorough. One of the conditions that we sometimes see in patients – even young patients – is GERD (Gastro-Intestinal Reflux Disease) or simply reflux.

Understanding Reflux in Children

Reflux, or Gastro-Intestinal Reflux Disease (GERD), occurs when stomach contents flow back into the esophagus and oral cavity. This condition can cause discomfort and affect oral health, particularly in children.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Reflux

How Is Reflux Diagnosed?

Reflux is often identified by symptoms such as a burning sensation in the throat after eating. However, it’s not always straightforward to link these symptoms to GERD, as they can be subtle or not consistently severe enough for children to report.

Our Approach to Managing Reflux

How Can We Help?

During routine oral evaluations, we look for signs of GERD, such as specific patterns of tooth erosion. Detecting these signs early, even in patients with no prior diagnosed reflux, allows us to help manage potential GERD in children effectively.