Even though baby teeth naturally fall out over time, certain conditions require the extraction of these teeth to maintain oral health and proper dental development.

Replacing Baby Teeth That Have Been Extracted

In cases where an extracted baby tooth affects how permanent teeth will align, we use a space maintainer to preserve the space necessary for proper tooth eruption.

Common Reasons for Extractions

  1. Very Deep Cavities

    If deep decay prevents a successful baby root canal, extraction may be necessary to prevent further damage and infection.

  2. Failed Baby Root Canal

    While baby root canals aim to save a tooth, failure may occur, necessitating extraction to prevent complications.

  3. Over-retention

    Over-retained baby teeth that do not fall out naturally and are not loose may need to be extracted to allow permanent teeth to erupt correctly.

  4. Trauma

    In instances of severe trauma where a tooth is irreparably damaged, extraction is performed to address pain and prevent further oral health issues.